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Wheat Grinder

The instrument can grind both dampened and undampened wheat. Afetr grinding the flour and bran are taken out from the two separate containers, which decreases operator time as no manual sifting is required. Depending on the wheat quality, it has an extraction rate of between 50 - 75%. In the system the device grinding speed and flow can be adjusted by means of the feeder adjustment. A V-Belt system is used inside the instrument so as to avoid blockages that could occur during the grinding proces.

The sieving process can be monitored visually through the glass window which is located on the section where the sieve unit is mounted. After the grinding process this glass section can be easily removed to aid cleaning of the internal parts, by doing this it ensures that no samples are mixed together thus preventing inaccuracies in laboratory testing.

The outside dimesions of the instrument are 400x600x750 mm and the net weight is 42kg