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Sifter Tray

Its modular- type components are designed to interlock and bolt together to allow for the manufacture for all makes and brands of Plansifter or Minisifter manufactured worldwide.

The patented injection moulded corners and the linear extruded side rails are easily replaced if worn, and reconfigured if necessary eliminating the need to replace the entire tray if only one part is damaged or worn and allows for easy reconfiguration if your customers change their product demands.

The tray utilizes a ½ inch thick stainless steel tube insertion frame, which relies on a dual cleaner that cleans both the sieve and tray.  With the use of state of the art machinery such as Injection moulders and plastic extruders, CNC lasers, CNC benders and CNC drills we ensure that our product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

All trays are manufactured from high density food grade plastic with excellent wear resistance properties. With moisture absorption rate of less than 0.2% the tray retains dimensional stability in humid or cold environments.

This combined with a recessed cavity for the bend on the floors, ensures that the tray size always stays constant and trays are easily packed in and out of the sifter when necessary. No more hammers and mallets required.

Our product can withstand long term service temperatures between -50 to 100 degrees which also makes it suitable for particle separation of all materials in the food and plastic industries

Sifter tray plastic side

Stainless steel grade 304 is used to manufacture all metallic elements within the tray, such as the insertion frame, floor, frame supports, and fasteners.  Food grade rubber strips and pre-stamped pieces provide the perfect seal for all your extremely fine floury products and fit snugly into recessed cavities on the bottom face of the tray. With easy peel off stickers, replacing seals is a breeze, which results in less down time for maintenance.

Whether you need to replace your wooden trays because they are old and have served their purpose or wish to do so to comply with Food Safety regulation, our plastic system is an extremely durable, high quality product which will solve all your particle separation sieving needs and at an affordable cost.

Sifter tray corner labelled with number
close up of sifter tray stainless mounts