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Meet the Milling Trade Team

In the last ten years Milling Trade has provided solutions for many flour mills across the world, having started as an offshoot of our sister company BranScan ten years ago by our fearless leader Aytun, we have become experts in not just providing solutions for flour mills, but also for various industries.

Our small, but talented team has a simple remit; provide the best possible equipment at affordable prices.

Over the years we have built up a reputation for being able to supply high quality, well designed, brilliantly crafted equipment to the flour milling trade. We succeeded in building a truly amazing global network of customers, and suppliers.

Aytun from Milling Trade


Originally from Turkey, Aytun is our CEO.

Having had a truly astonishing career in the world of printing, Aytun decided twenty years ago to start our sister company BranScan in order to provide lab equipment and parts to the Milling Industry across the globe. Then ten years ago Aytun decided to open Milling Trade as the little brother to BranScan, solely concentrating on providing parts, and equipment to the Flour Mills.

Aytun is not just our Director; he is also our mentor, and voice of reason in an ever changing Market Place.

Ian from Milling Trade


Ian has been with Milling Trade since the beginning, and we are proud to call him our US Sales Director. His energy and enthusiasm for being the best, and providing a high quality service to our American cousins is infectious.

Buster from Milling TradeIan provides not just the knowledge, but also the technical edge for BranScan; and can be found often working on complex recalibrations for our client base.

He also has a dog called Buster

John from Milling Trade


John is a recent hire fresh from a varied career, most recently in International Logistics.

Using his experience John now covers a combination of roles, including talking to people about what we do, and what options we can offer. His infectious enthusiasm for exploring new products, and industries means Milling Trade can explore areas which normally would be alien to them.

He also has a dog called Steve.

Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1905 29400

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